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TM-C01 Vehicle Thermometer

Vehicle Fever Screening Thermometer

Medical Grade Measurement Accuracy · Fast temperature measurement <0.1 second · Temperature compensation · Customized local human pronunciation broadcast · Ultra Wide Voltage · Data transmission

    Vehicle Fever Screening Thermometer

    · Using medical grade measurement accuracy ±0.2

    · High efficiency temperature compensation algorithm,stable accuracy under 16-35

    · Massive data type,can convert the wrist temperature to the actual body temperature

    · TOF high accuracy distance sensor,millimeter distance measurement

    · Smart voice broadcast,instant light warning.

    · Ultra wide voltage input range 5-24V,suitable for all kinds of vehicle.

    · Anti-impact,high voltage,surge protection.

    · Stable and reliable installation,universal support,multiple directions

    · Aviation connector

    Model No.


    Vehicle Fever Screening Thermomter with Alarm                                                       

    Temperature Display Range


    Temperature Maximum

    Permissible Deviation

    Within the temperature display range 35-42, maximum permissible deviation ±0.2

    Out of the temperature display range 35-42, maximum permissible deviation ±0.3

    Maximum Permissible Deviation Under Changing Environmental Conditions

     Under changing environmental conditions, the maximum permissible errors should

     meet the requirements of the temperature maximum permissible Deviation in the

    temperature display range of 35-42

    Voice Broadcast

     normal temperature ,abnormal temperature voice broadcast

    Temperature Compensation

     Ambient temperature dynamic compensation


     4 digit 0.8 inch digital display

    LED Temperature Display


    Temperature Degree Mode

     Fahrenheit, Celsius two mode

    Temperature Type

     Material temperature, human body temperature


     Multi-language voice broadcast, up to 223 voice segments, audio sampling rate up

     to 32kHz


     2030 8R BOX speaker


     Scalable NB-IOT data upload

    Power Supply


    Standby Consumption


    Working Consumption


    Working Ambient Temperature




    Power Supply



     120mm x 150mm x 36mm

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