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New IoT technology will become the next generation of big security core
2018-12-17 1137
  After decades of development, from the perspective of product and technology development, different types of access control systems have achieved different levels of breakthrough in their respective application areas, and have begun to enter a mature and stable stage. Driven by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, new business opportunities in the access control market are being continuously explored.
  Internet of Things + AI, open the new blue sea of ​​access control market
  Although artificial intelligence (face recognition) technology has become the trend technology of the current security industry, the Internet of Things technology still plays an important role in information interaction and identity recognition in security applications, and continues to generate more new applications.
  As the leader of China‘s security and access control industry, this year‘s AMB will integrate IoT technology with artificial intelligence technology, and carry a number of latest IoT security products based on LoRa, NB-IOT narrow-band IoT technology solutions. AMB.
  “Compared to other mesh networks such as Wi-fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc., LoRa technology uses a star network architecture, which is the simplest network structure with the lowest latency. It can be quickly established by building a LAN with a simple gateway device. Configuration and implementation of networking. This technology has extremely high anti-interference, is not interfered by signals such as WiFi, and has long transmission distance and high penetration.” Huang Zhiyong, director of information at Da Shi, said, “So we are very optimistic about LoRa technology, the future. It is likely to become a new technology for the security industry to promote and disrupt the communication of traditional devices."
  Based on the above market demand, Da Shi has launched the first LoRa IoT door lock and LoRa access control system combined with the latest combination of narrowband IoT LoRa technology. Among them, LoRa IoT door lock is a kind of narrow-band IoT technology as the core, combined with traditional access control technology to design integrated IoT wireless door locks, while supporting induction card unlocking, mechanical unlocking and other access control system functions. In the actual test of LoRa IoT door lock products, the indoor effective networking distance is up to 1000 meters (depending on the complexity of the building structure), which can achieve the limit network from the 1st floor to the 10th floor space and distance, outdoor transmission distance Up to ten kilometers or more. In addition, LoRa IoT door locks can achieve super multi-connection, with a single gateway access of 64 and support for 16,000 credits. The lock consumes ultra-low power, and the 4-cell 5th battery can be used for about 2 years, and the alarm is automatically triggered in case of low power. From the economic and technical costs, it is much better than the traditional Bluetooth door locks, zigbee and other networking equipment.
  In addition, Da Shi launched three other series of products, mainly providing complete solutions based on smart buildings, smart transportation, smart hospitals and so on. Through the "inDas Zhiyun" cloud platform, a high-definition license plate recognition intelligent parking system based on AI image recognition technology was introduced, including AI high-definition license plate recognition parking series, AI high-definition license plate parking guide series products, AI face recognition series and two-dimensional code access control. Cascade-level access control and other industry-specific "AI+" overall solutions, and fully support mobile phone WeChat and APP applications; once again demonstrates the real innovation leadership position of Da Shi Information in the field of smart security.
  NB-IOT+ security, industry application is about to mature
  After last year‘s AMB meeting, Dashi Information once again demonstrated its LoRa-based and NB-IOT narrow-band IoT technology at the show, not only because it is already a mature application technology product, but also for its next market strategy. Consideration.
  In the future, Da Shi Information will continue to position the traditional access control card in the Internet of Things access control card, which is based on the Internet of Things, providing more perfect solutions for smart cities. Realize fast communication and data interaction between devices and devices, people and people, and people. Whether it is RFID technology or face recognition technology, it solves the data interaction authentication between people and devices. From the Internet to the Internet of Things, the Internet of Things realizes the further extension of the "Internet" application; further solves the "Internet of Things +" The integration of security technology forms a complete closed loop. For example, Da Shi Information‘s "NB-IOT access control, LoRa door lock, LoRa access control, AI face recognition device, AI parking space guidance and AI high-definition license plate recognition products displayed at this AMB meeting are combined with Internet of Things technology and labor. Smart + traditional security "combination" products.
  According to the latest understanding, the first LoRa IoT door locks launched by Da Shi this time have not yet seen the same type of products launched by peers. Since NB-IoT technology is affected by carrier charges and the operation layout of base stations, Huang Zhiyong is not completely optimistic about the application market of NB-IOT technology in the security industry.
  “Although the industry is generally optimistic about the development prospects of NB-IOT in the security industry, from a personal point of view, I am not entirely optimistic about the market development of NB-IOT in the security industry. The main reason is that its use scenarios and application scenarios exist. Certain limitations. From past experience, we have seen that security products are not only for security, but more importantly, independent management; for smart buildings or smart enterprises, security is the most important enterprise or building. Application scenarios, if the access control products using NB-IOT technology need to go through multiple links such as third-party mobile operators in data security, it may reduce the security of their internal data and unintentional backdoor loopholes; Building construction projects are difficult to meet the needs of a large number of reproducible markets. Therefore, once entering a closed or inner loop access control scenario, NB-IOT technology is often less effective than LoRa is not controlled by third-party controls.” Huang Zhiyong believes .
  In other words, if NB-IOT technology wants to shine in the security industry, it must selectively find the right market demand, such as urban rental housing access, smart house locks for rental houses, and non-building applications. Smart agriculture (automatic irrigation), smart city management (well cover) and other projects to maximize its individual value.
  At present, it seems that in the domestic access control industry, Da Shi Information has an absolute solution leading edge with advanced thinking and technology, and has become a leader in the security access control industry and an innovation leader in emerging technologies.