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Qualcomm released the first commercial AI computing power increased by 3 times
2018-12-08 742
On December 4th, US local time, Qualcomm announced the launch of its first commercial 5G mobile platform, the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform, at the annual Snapdragon Technology Summit, and together with AT&T, Verizon, Ericsson, Samsung and other companies to showcase real 5G. End-to-end experience of networks and mobile terminals. As the flagship chip of Qualcomm‘s new generation, the Snapdragon 855 adopts the 7nm process technology and is equipped with the Snapdragon X50 5G modem. Its AI performance is 3 times higher than that of the previous generation. The smartphone equipped with the Snapdragon 855 will be available in the first half of 2019.
The Snapdragon 855 5G mobile platform is the world‘s first commercial mobile platform that fully supports multi-gigabit 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and immersive extended reality (XR), and is considered to open a new era of mobile terminals for the next decade.
Qualcomm said that the launch of the Snapdragon 855 will redefine the next year‘s high-end Android phones. At present, this chip will become the 5G mobile phone in 2019, and it is also the standard for all major Android flagship mobile phones.
The Snapdragon 855 is equipped with the fourth-generation multi-core artificial intelligence engine AI Engine, which has a three-fold improvement in AI performance compared to the Snapdragon 845. In addition, Qualcomm claims that the Snapdragon 855 is also equipped with the world‘s first computer vision ISP, and the world‘s first 3D sound wave screen fingerprint sensor. Qualcomm claims that this is the only mobile solution that can accurately identify fingerprints by penetrating different types of stains. In addition, this solution supports slim and avant-garde product designs with greater security and accuracy.
Qualcomm President Christiano Amon said: "Today we have taken an important and exciting step, highlighting the tremendous efforts that Qualcomm and the leaders in the ecosystem have been driving to promote 5G business. At the Qualcomm Xiaolong Technology Summit, we jointly demonstrated 5G mobile terminals running on real 5G networks. We demonstrated the important role played in transforming the mobile industry and enriching the user experience."
Amon pointed out that with the release of mobile terminals and network deployments in North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia and China, 5G commercials will become a reality in early 2019. Amon also said that Qualcomm has the unique advantage of promoting 5G commercial, the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform, the Snapdragon X50 5G modem series, and the QTM052 millimeter wave antenna module with integrated RF transceiver, RF front-end and antenna components can help OEMs. The exponentially increasing design complexity of 5G terminals that support both 6 GHz and millimeter wave bands.
During the event, Samsung Electronics confirmed that it will launch its first flagship 5G smartphone in the US in the first half of 2019, and will use the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform with X50 5G modem.