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Talking about the ladder Internet of Things system from the Internet of Things technology
2018-12-17 784
  Blockchain, 5G, mobile payment... These words have been bombarding our eyes for a while, but do you know that these hot words are inseparable from one of the most critical words, It is the Internet of Things.
  On weekdays, everyone may be exposed to the Internet, and the Internet of Things is more or less strange. So what is the Internet of Things? From the name, the Internet of Things is the Internet connected to things. In other words, the core and foundation of the Internet of Things is still the Internet, which is an application extension that extends on the Internet. Nowadays, IoT applications have gradually begun to infiltrate people‘s daily lives. For example, the ladder is the IoT system that is used in the travel tool that we use every day.
  Dry goods post | Talking about the ladder Internet of Things system from the Internet of Things technology
  In order to further analyze the ladder system, we can divide the ladder into three layers from the system architecture: the perception layer, the network layer and the application layer.
  Dry goods post | Talking about the ladder Internet of Things system from the Internet of Things technology
  The perception layer is the source of the Internet of Things to identify and collect information. The ladder system deploys up to 12 sensors in a non-contact measurement manner at the elevator engine room, car roof and car. The data collection dimensions include the elevator operating state itself, the elevator operating environment and the behavior of the passengers. It involves video recognition technology and sensing intelligent algorithm technology. The innovation and application of these technologies ensure that the ladder system can completely restore the real scene of the elevator through massive data.
  The network layer is the backbone of the entire Internet of Things, responsible for delivering and processing the information acquired by the sensing layer. The ladder system adopts the power carrier high-speed communication transmission scheme. The original AC filtering anti-interference technology solves the problem that the data signal in the elevator shaft is not covered by the blind spot. The 2-65Mhz low-frequency signal is coupled through the original accompanying cable of the elevator, plus advanced OFDM orthogonal frequency division multiplexing modulation realizes high-speed stable signal transmission of 500 Mbp.
  The application layer is the interface between the Internet of Things and the user. It combines sensors and intelligent applications, and uses artificial intelligence technologies such as cloud computing, intelligent algorithms, and deep learning to expand its application fields. Taking the elevator trapped scene as an example, the ladder Internet of Things system can accurately identify the trapped people and actively rescue them through deep learning and intelligent algorithm analysis in many complex activity scenarios of elevators. This is one of the intelligent applications of AI technology + scenes. .
  The essence of the Internet of Things is to provide free and interactive interaction between the application scene and the user at any time without any restrictions. The new Reling Cloud IoT system uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology such as video behavior analysis, data mining processing, and artificial intelligence decision-making. To escort the citizens on the flight.